Hey, it's the Crystal Covell creator and author of her story. I wanna confirm a few things.

I am NOT giving any spoilers about unwritten chapters, cause I don't even know what's gonna happen.


  • There's a lot of editing I need to do before I post the chapters here.
  • Tanisha never actually liked Jasmine.
  • Jasmine is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.
  • I DO have a friend that proofreads the chapters for me. His name is Brian and he loves the stroy so far.
  • Malibu has nothing against skaters in general, she actually only hates Crystal because Crystal is famous and gets more attention than Malibu.
  • Malibu's Clique never hated Michael until he started hanging out with Crystal.
  • In a scene that I intended to add but forgot to add, Tanisha feels guilty about sneaking up on Crystal.
    • Note: I will most likely insert this scene somewhere before I post the chapters here.
  • As of the San Diego chapter (Chapter 5), Crystal's parents are no longer divorced.
  • I don't really have an elaborate backstory for Crystal's parents, but her mom was the one that wanted a divorce. This should explain why Dad was the one that found Mom.