Given that I love MBTI typing (you know...if that wasn't obvious enough.), I'm going to try to type the main five characters in the series (Crystal, Melissa, Michael, Tanisha, and Tina.)

So here we go!

Crystal: ESFP

  • Introverted/Extroverted: Extroverted. She is capable of being alone, but would ultimately prefer to be around others.
  • Sensing/Intuitive: Sensing. She skates to feel the immediate thrill. She tends to live in the present/past more often than the future.
  • Thinking/Feeling: Feeling. She's more likely to go off of her gut instinct, which can lead to her occasional bad decisions.
  • Judging/Perceiving: Perceiving. She's very go-with-the-flow, without much of a set plan for her life.

Melissa: ENFJ

  • Introverted/Extroverted: Extroverted. She put on the whole "rich" facade to be popular and make friends. Being alone isn't really her thing.
  • Sensing/Intuitive: Intuitive. She's smarter than she looks! She's also the one who comes up with all of Crystal's plans.
  • Thinking/Feeling: Feeling. She always considers others.
  • Judging/Perceiving: Judging. She seems to have a set direction in her life and doesn't seem to care much for change.

Michael: ISFP

  • Introverted/Extroverted: Introverted. He doesn't have the same desire for social interaction as his girlfriend.
  • Sensing/Intuitive: Sensing. He lives in the present moment, not the future.
  • Thinking/Feeling: ...This one is hard, but I think I'd say feeling given that he seems to be very considerate and patient.
  • Judging/Perceiving: Perceiving. He just kind of takes things as they come.

Tanisha: ESTP

  • Introverted/Extroverted: Extroverted. Another one who loves being around others.
  • Sensing/Intuitive: Sensing. She's arguably the most grounded of the main characters.
  • Thinking/Feeling: Thinking. How others feel isn't always her top priority.
  • Judging/Perceiving: Perceiving. She just takes whatever life throws at her and isn't very structured.

Tina: INFJ

  • Introverted/Extroverted: Introverted. She becomes so clingy out of desperation for friends, but the later books show the true introvert she really is.
  • Sensing/Intuitive: Intuitive. Again, this only really pops up later on when we discover her intelligence. She's usually the one doing a lot of the thinking.
  • Thinking/Feeling: Feeling. While she's logical, she's still much more emotional.
  • Judging/Perceiving: Judging. She likes structure and again, doesn't seem to care for change.