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Crystal Covell's Story

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Crystal: Defending My Title

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Tina Williams is Tanisha's little sister, who is introduced in Chapter 9. She befriends Crystal, but after Crystal finds out she is Tanisha's little sister, she is immediately worried. Tanisha reveals that Tina can be overly clingy and obsessive of her friends, but this is due to her not having many friends. She also reveals in Chapter 10 that the only way to end a friendship with Tina is if Tanisha tells her that the person doesn't want to be friends with her anymore. Tina does not believe when people say they don't want to be friends with her, so Tanisha usually ends up having to tell her (Because she WILL believe Tanisha). After Chapter 11, Tina is not mentioned again until Chapter 18, where Crystal reveals that she and Tina are friends again.


Tina has dark skin, shoulder length black hair that is usually tied back in braids, and brown eyes. She is 5'5, a bit shorter than Crystal.


Tina was clingy and irritating in Crystal Covell's Story. However, by the end, she becomes less annoying and a more fun companion to be around. In Crystal's College Years, she seems to be nicer and a bit insecure.

She is also extremely intelligent. She is only in her junior year and she has already been offered multiple scholarships.

Official artworkEdit


Tina's official artwork, drawn by Emily.


  • Tina is the only character outside the main cast to appear in all three books.
    • She is also the only character outside the main cast to have a confirmed birthday.
  • Despire being officially listed as a secondary character, she is considered by Emily to be part of the series' "main five", with Crystal, Melissa, Tanisha, and Michael.
    • Emily claims that Tina is on the border of main character and secondary character. She quotes, "If there's a line that separates main characters from secondary characters, Tina is right on that line."
  • According to MBTI, Tina is an INFJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging).
    • Amusingly enough, this makes her the opposite of her sister Tanisha, who is ESTP.
  • Tina is the only secondary character that is not an antagonist.
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