The Crystal series takes place in real time. The following is a timeline of events and character births, mostly related to Crystal's backstory.

Prior to the start of the seriesEdit



  • November 12: Tina is born.


  • Crystal enters school in kindergarten.
  • September 8: Hayley is born.


  • Crystal's parents divorce, leaving her on her own.
  • Crystal finds the skateboard in the dumpster, where she discovers her love of it.


  • Crystal meets Andrew and Jamie, who become her best friends.


  • Crystal runs out of the money her parents gave her. and cannot afford anything, getting evicted from her house.
  • Crystal moves in with Jamie's family.


  • Crystal starts becoming famous and making money.


  • Crystal has decided that she has the money to support herself now, moves out of Jamie's house and moves back into her old one.


  • Crystal earns her title of "Best Female Skateboarder in the World".

During the seriesEdit


  • June: Crystal attempts to find her parents, setting off the events of the first book. She moves to New York City.
  • July: Crystal leaves New York and moves to Tampa. 
  • August: She competes in the Tampa AM, and leaves Tampa, moving to San Diego. She befriends Melissa.
  • December: She has a falling out with Melissa and gets to move to Hawaii to be with her parents.


  • January: Crystal befriends Michael and meets Malibu, Jasmine, and Tanisha.
  • February: Crystal befriends Tina, breaks off her friendship with her, and befriends Tanisha.
  • March: Crystal hosts the Slam City Jam. 
  • April: She visits New Jersey again. She goes to Moscow and drops out of a competition due to it being for amateurs.
  • May: She goes to Australia with Michael and Tanisha to see a KISS concert and Crystal performs a go-kart stunt.
  • June: The first book ends.
  • September: The second book begins. Crystal moves to L.A., where she is attending college. She meets Sabrina, Jessica, and Chrissy.
  • October: Crystal destroys the bells, almost getting suspended.
  • November: Crystal gets a visit from Michael, Tanisha, and Tina.
  • December: Michael confesses to Crystal over the phone. She confesses to liking him back.


  • January: Crystal and Tanisha go to Princeton for Michael's birthday. Crystal and Michael spend the night on the roof, where they eventually have their first kiss.
  • February: The second book ends/The third book begins. Melissa and Crystal exact revenge on Sabrina and her girls. Malibu and Jasmine transfer to their college. 
  • March: The third book ends. Crystal and her friends and enemies go to Tampa to watch Crystal compete to defend her title. 
  • April: The fourth book begins. Crystal celebrates her birthday and suffers her breakdown.
  • June: The fourth book/series ends.