Sabrina's group is a group consisting of Sabrina, Jessica, and Chrissy. Sabrina is the leader, while Jessica and Chrissy are the followers. They are very similar to Malibu's Clique.

Sabrina's Group. From left to right: Jessica, Sabrina, Chrissy.

They all have a disliking for Crystal, because in Chapter 2 of Crystal's College Years, Crystal accidentally bumps into them on her way inside. Crystal tries to apologize, because she doesn't need any more drama in her life, but they take revenge on her.

Sabrina spreads a rumor about Crystal in Chapter 4, and Crystal spreads a rumor to Jessica in Chapter 5.

They are out to destroy Crystal's reputation on campus, while Crystal is out to destroy theirs.

They also set Melissa up with Vinnie in Chapter 11, but Melissa foils their plan by admitting she knew it all along, and only went with it to humor them. 

Melissa was a temporary friend of the group, but as of Chapter 9, she no longer is.


  • They are basically the CCY counterparts to Malibu's Clique, as Malibu's Clique appeared only in the first book.
  • Emily states that even though they are similar to Malibu's Clique, there are some differences between the two.
    • Sabrina's group is not based off of a group from another story.
    • In the previous book, Tanisha leaves and becomes Crystal's friend. Emily has admitted that this time around, she doesn't want anyone to leave the group. They will remain enemies the entire book.
    • All three of them seem pretty independent, and have been seen without their group members before. Malibu's Clique was almost always shown together.
    • They are getting more appearances than Malibu's Clique, because Emily wants to give them the character development that she never got a chance to give Malibu and Jasmine.
    • Emily does have some plans for some scenes where they help each other out, but they never become friends.

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