18 (CCS-Chapter 13 of CCY)

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January 19


12th (CCS)

College Freshman (CCY- End of series)


Waikiki, Hawaii (CCS)

Princeton, New Jersey (CCY)


Crystal Covell's Story

Crystal's College Years

Crystal: Defending My Title

"Don't worry, you did good."

―Michael, after he and Crystal kiss.

Michael Hendrix is one of the major characters in the story. 


While his appearance is never quite mentioned in the story, Emily has confirmed that he has white skin, dark brown hair and hazel eyes. He is slightly taller than Crystal, at 5'9. 

In Crystal's College Years, Crystal mentions that while Michael isn't a total stud, girls have found him attractive. This is shown when Melissa flirts with him, and further proven when Crystal admits to having a crush on him.


Michael appears to be very calm and laid-back. He doesn't like to get involved in drama, but when he gets angry, he will explode. He is also very kind, with good intentions, and is generally a friendly guy.

Prior to college, he lived in the International Trinket Place, and his apartment was right across from Crystal's. His parents own P.I.C. (Pure Island Crap).

In Crystal's College Years, it is said that Michael is going to the University of Princeton. The University of Princeton is an Ivy League college, suggesting Michael is very intelligent. 

Official artworkEdit


Michael's official artwork, drawn by Emily.


  • Despite being a major character, Michael doesn't get much character development, at least when compared to the other major characters. Emily admits that she just didn't really know what to do with him, although she is trying to give him more focus time.
    • This most likely explains why she put him and Crystal in a relationship.
    • He has been getting some as of late. You can clearly see that Emily is trying to put him in the spotlight a bit more.
  • According to MBTI, Michael is an ISFP (Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, Perceiving).
  • For some reason, he has never been referred to as "Mike" in the series. There has never been any explanation for this, though it's possible that he just prefers Michael.
  • The third book reveals that he can play guitar and can sing a little bit, but can't sing nearly as well as Tanisha or Melissa.

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