Malibu's Clique was a clique of mean girls, led by Malibu.


Malibu was the leader and dictator of the group. Jasmine was the follower who always agrees with Malibu on everything. Tanisha was the strong-headed, independent one, and eventually gets so fed up with them that in chapter 11, she quits their clique and befriends Crystal.

The clique is currently disbanded, although Malibu and Jasmine are still friends in a leader-follower relationship.

History of Malibu's CliqueEdit

Not much is known about how or when the clique was formed, but the story implies that it possibly formed when they were in 8th grade (the year Jasmine moved to Hawaii from Nevada). Since the three of them were best friends, they formed a "clique" with Malibu appointing herself as leader as she claims came up with the idea.


  • Emily says her inspiration for Malibu's clique and its storyline is the "Queen Bees" from the 2009 American Girl book, Chrissa. The girls in Malibu's Clique have an equivalent girl from the Queen Bees.
    • Malibu is Tara's equivalent (The meanest, and the leader of the group)
    • Jasmine is Jadyn's equivalent (Follows the leader, never betrays her, and is the least developed of the three)
    • Tanisha is Sonali's equivalent (Knew something was wrong from the start, eventually befriends the protagonist and is first to quit the clique.)
  • However, they share many differences from their equivalents as well.
    • Tara is a strong swimmer, while Malibu was prissier about swimming, as she didn't want to get her hair wet.
    • Jasmine doesn't make every sentence sound like a question, like Jadyn does. Jasmine is also not a computer expert like Jadyn.
    • Tanisha wants to befriend Crystal the moment she sees her, while Sonali doesn't want to befriend Chrissa until Tara and Jadyn's bullying goes over the edge.
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