17 (CCS)

18 (C:DMT)


June 23


12th (CCS)

College Freshman (C:DMT)


Wallows, Hawaii (CCS)

Los Angeles, California (C:DMT)


Crystal Covell's Story

Crystal: Defending My Title

"Why are you sitting with the skater punks?!"

―Malibu, to Tanisha

Kaitlyn "Malibu" Eastwood was the leader of her own clique. She originally hails from Malibu, California (hence her name), and moved to Wallows around the age of 5. She has a wealthy family and is quite demanding and spoiled. She throws a fit if she doesn't get what she wants. She is described in the story as having shoulder-length blonde hair. She is described as being mean, and has clashed with former member Tanisha on some occasions. She is best friends with Jasmine, and was previously friends with Tanisha, but now Jasmine is her only friend. Malibu and Jasmine seem to have a leader-follower relationship, where Malibu calls the shots, and Jasmine obeys, no questions asked.


Malibu is described as having white skin, straight, shoulder-length blonde hair, and blue eyes. She is quite pretty. She is 5'8, slightly taller than Crystal.


Malibu is mean, prissy, and girly. She dislikes Crystal with a passion. She is your typical "Queen Bee" and has her little minion Jasmine following her every order.

The third book delves deeper into her personality. She was actually much nicer as a child. but inherited her "Queen Bee" traits sometime during middle school. This, combined with how Jasmine treated Tanisha, is what eventually led Tanisha to quitting the clique.

Official artworkEdit


Malibu's official artwork, drawn by Emily.


  • Story author EpicnezzEmily has confirmed that Malibu has nothing against skaters, and only hates Crystal because she hates anyone who is more famous than her or gets more attention than her.
    • This also confirms why Malibu didn't have a rivalry with Michael until he started hanging out with Crystal.
  • Malibu is very similar to Melissa and Jessica in appearance. However, she and Jessica are the opposite of Melissa in personality.
  • It is revealed that Malibu will NOT make an appearance in Crystal's College Years, however, she WILL be mentioned quite frequently.
  • Emily has confirmed that Malibu and Jasmine will be returning in Crystal: Defending My Title.
  • The third book also confirms that Malibu's name is not really Malibu, and that her actual first name is Kaitlyn.
    • She explains that she got the nickname Malibu when she moved to Hawaii, and the kids in her kindergarten couldn't remember her real name, so they called her Malibu because that was where she was from. She liked the name, so it stuck and she kept it.
    • Emily also explains that one day it finally hit her that Malibu is truly a stupid name, so she decided to give her a real first name and have Malibu be her nickname.
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