17 (CCS)

18 (C:DMT)


July 16


12th (CCS)

College Freshman (C:DMT)


Wallows, Hawaii (CCS)

Los Angeles, California (C:DMT)


Crystal Covell's Story

Crystal: Defending My Title

"If she's not doing it, I'm not doing it!"

―Jasmine, after Malibu refuses to help her team

Jasmine Roberts is a member of Malibu's Clique, and she is basically Malibu's follower. She originally hails from Boulder City, Nevada, and moved to Wallows in 8th grade. Her family is quite wealthy, but not as wealthy as Malibu and Tanisha's families. She is described in the story as having wavy brunette hair and bright green eyes. Crystal thinks of her as "Malibu's Little Puppy" as she agrees with Malibu on everything, and will always do what Malibu does. Since Malibu immediately disliked Crystal, Jasmine decided to dislike her too. It is revealed in Chapter 11 that Jasmine is somewhat the reason that Tanisha left the clique, as she took over as Malibu's best friend, leaving Tanisha feeling left out.


Jasmine has white skin, wavy brunette hair that goes down to the middle of her back, and stunning green eyes. She is said to be quite pretty. She is 5'6, slightly shorter than Crystal.


Jasmine almost has no personality of her own. She is Malibu's follower, always copying her and doing what she does. Her lack of independence and willingness to always follow and agree with Malibu are her most prominent character traits. 

In the third book, she starts to break away from Malibu during the trip and finally learns to stop following her. She also admits during the "Know Your Enemy" game that the only reason she constantly agrees with Malibu is because she is afraid that Malibu will do something horrible to her if she doesn't.

Official artworkEdit


Jasmine's official artwork, drawn by Emily.


  • Compared to Malibu and Tanisha, she has barely any character development.
  • It is revealed that Jasmine will NOT make an appearance in Crystal's College Years, but she will be mentioned quite frequently.
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