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The Crystal Covell SeriesEdit

The Crystal Covell series revolves around a teenage skateboarder named Crystal from New Jersey.

The first book, Crystal Covell's Story, revolves around Crystal's quest to find her parents. When she finally does find them, she gains some new friends, new enemies, and not to mention new adventures.


Crystal (left) with Melissa (right)

The second book, Crystal's College Years, revolves around Crystal and her friend, Melissa, going into college and the new troubles and enemies they face there. 

The third book, Crystal: Defending My Title, revolves around a young girl named Hayley trying to take Crystal's title. When even Crystal starts to doubt her own abilities, it's up to her friends (and even her enemies!) to help her keep it. This book is currently being written.

Emily has confirmed on her profile that there WILL be a fourth book. It will be the final book of the series, in which Crystal will suffer a personality crisis, and has to be reminded that skateboarding is what she was meant to do, and it's who she really is.

The author of the series has rated it T (13+). While there is nothing explicitly dirty in the books (no instances of nudity, etc), it's not completely for kids. Examples include the fact that the word "crap" is used from time to time (It's the strongest word the series ever uses), her dad lived in a strip club in the first book, and there was underage drinking in the second book, with teens getting drunk. There has also been some suggestive wording. Author Emily states that she does not recommend the series for kids under 12.


Crystal with all the major antagonists of the series. Top left going clockwise: Jasmine, Chrissy, Jessica, Sabrina, Crystal, and Malibu.

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