The following is a list of characters from the Crystal Covell series.

Main/Major CharactersEdit

  • Crystal Covell- The protagonist of the series. A teenage skateboarder from the streets of New Jersey that has lived on her own since age 6, before finally finding her parents when she was 17. Tomboyish, casual, and just a tad rebellious ,she's your typical skater girl.
  • Michael Hendrix- Crystal's best male friend. He's a calm and laid-back skateboarder that befriends Crystal when she moves to Hawaii. Later in the series, he and Crystal officially become boyfriend and girlfriend.
  • Tanisha Williams- Another of Crystal's best friends. Originally a part of Malibu's Clique, she later ditched to befriend Crystal and Michael. She is headstrong, independent, and will always stand up for her beliefs.
  • Melissa Hunter- Crystal's best friend from San Diego, who later becomes her roommate in college. Sweet, outgoing, and a bit gullible, she is also a total flirt and a little bit naive, always seeing the best in people.
  • Tina Williams- Tanisha's younger sister, another of Crystal's friends. She is quite shy and insecure, but opens up more when Crystal gets to know her. She also used to be very clingy to her few friends, but she has gotten better with that.

Secondary Characters/AntagonistsEdit

Minor/One-shot* charactersEdit

One-shot are characters that appeared once and never appeared again.


  • All of the characters (with the exception of Tina, who was 14 in the original draft) were 16 in the original drafts, however, Emily decided to make them all a year older due to the fact that they were all seniors in high school by that point, and 16 would be too young an age to finish high school.
  • If the four main characters are all turning 19 in 2014 (when the final two books and the last few chapters of the second book take place), this means that they were all born in 1995.
    • Tina is two years younger than the rest of the main cast,  therefore she had to have been born in 1997.
      • However, she still remains 16 by the end of the series, but this is due to her birthday being in November, the fact that the series will end in June 2014, and the other main characters having their birthdays earlier in the year. (January, April, May, and June to be exact)
    • Whereas Hayley had to have been born in 2000, as she is thirteen by the time of the third book (which takes place in March 2014), and her birthday is confirmed by Emily to be in September.