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    Given that I love MBTI typing (you know...if that wasn't obvious enough.), I'm going to try to type the main five characters in the series (Crystal, Melissa, Michael, Tanisha, and Tina.)

    So here we go!

    Crystal: ESFP

    • Introverted/Extroverted: Extroverted. She is capable of being alone, but would ultimately prefer to be around others.
    • Sensing/Intuitive: Sensing. She skates to feel the immediate thrill. She tends to live in the present/past more often than the future.
    • Thinking/Feeling: Feeling. She's more likely to go off of her gut instinct, which can lead to her occasional bad decisions.
    • Judging/Perceiving: Perceiving. She's very go-with-the-flow, without much of a set plan for her life.

    Melissa: ENFJ

    • Introverted/Extroverted: Extroverted. She put on…
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    Hey, it's the Crystal Covell creator and author of her story. I wanna confirm a few things.

    I am NOT giving any spoilers about unwritten chapters, cause I don't even know what's gonna happen.

    • There's a lot of editing I need to do before I post the chapters here.
    • Tanisha never actually liked Jasmine.
    • Jasmine is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.
    • I DO have a friend that proofreads the chapters for me. His name is Brian and he loves the stroy so far.
    • Malibu has nothing against skaters in general, she actually only hates Crystal because Crystal is famous and gets more attention than Malibu.
    • Malibu's Clique never hated Michael until he started hanging out with Crystal.
    • In a scene that I intended to add but forgot to add, Tanisha feels guilty about s…

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    February 25, 2012 by EpicnezzEmily

    I've been highly procrastinating on the story. I expected it to be done by the beginning of this month, but I still have 4 1/2 more chapters to write. I got sidetracked by many things, and I'm also working on another story at the same time, but I've decided to put the other one on hiatus until I finish Crystal's story. I didn't even want to START the other one until I finished this one, but thanks to my short attention span, that didn't happen. However, I have PROMISED myself that I will not write a single WORD of the other story until I finish Crystal's.

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